7 Mysteries of the Emirates App

Take a journey back through time to investigate secrets from the extraordinary history of the UAE and discover amazing facts about how ancient people lived here thousands of years ago.


7 Mysteries of the Emirates App image
7 Mysteries of the Emirates App image 7 Mysteries of the Emirates App image
Explore fascinating facts from the past

Explore fascinating facts from the past

The clues trigger graphic-novel style animations, short films and information graphics to reveal fascinating facts from the past, helping users to answer a series of mysteries, and win tokens relating to each of the UAE’s seven emirates.
360 Degrees
Users find themselves in 360-degree worlds which they can explore in search of hidden clues, using their phones as ‘magic windows’. They can immerse themselves in lost ancient words that have been recreated using stunning photo-real visual effects technology, and in modern environments filmed with cutting-edge Virtual Reality cameras.
Virtual Reality Experience  image

Virtual Reality Experience

The virtual reality experience offers users the opportunity to enter into a 3D world that is inspired by key topics covered by the History of the Emirates documentary series. These are pearl diving, star-guided navigation and the incredible history of Qasr Al Hosn. Virtual reality headsets enable a 360-degree view and respond simultaneously to user actions. They also contain controls to maximize the involvement and interaction with the content.
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